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Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay!

Many who haven't travelled to Colombia mistakenly imagine the country as a dangerous land of drugs, guerrillas and rainforests. However, those who do travel to Colombia, discover something very different, and many visitors find it to be their favourite vacation destination in all of South America. Large parts of Colombia are perfectly safe for travel, while in other areas caution must be taken.
Colombia is one of the few countries in Latin America that genuinely has almost everything travel wise - amazing beaches, rainforests tours and jungle lodges, archaeological ruins and sites, colonial towns oozing charm, buzzing nightlife and trendy hotels in cosmopolitan modern cities, wildlife viewing tours and whale watching trips, scuba diving, fantastic trekking, rafting and adventure tours and beautiful and welcoming locals. One could easily spend up to two months travelling around Colombia. For for those less on time, this online Colombia travel guide should help choose where to visit on your vacation.

Colombia's Caribbean Coast
The top travel highlight is Cartagena, quite possibly Latin America's most beautiful colonial city, a must see on all vacations to Colombia. There's nearby fantastic beaches at both the Rosario Islands and Park Tayrona (the best beaches in South America?). The beach resort of Santa Marta (clic here for travel packages) is the base for an amazing 6 day jungle trek to the amazing ruins of Ciudad Perdida. Travel further East to discover the remote indigenous communities of La Guajira Peninsula, an arid landscape of empty beaches and flamingoes. A short flight from Cartagena and one encounters great beaches and scuba diving at the beautiful Caribbean islands of San Andres (more developed) and Providencia (unspoilt and idyllic), alternatively one can travel West to the beaches of the rarely visited San Bernardo Islands and Capurgana.

Colombia's inland travel highlightsCapital city Bogota is a gateway for travel elsewhere in Colombia, though it also has palaces, plazas, museums, buzzing nightlife and fantastic hotels to appeal to visitors. To the north lie Villa de Leiva and Mompos, two of Colombia's most tranquil and charming colonial cities. Nearby San Gil is Colombia's adventure travel and watersports centre.
Travel South to Medellin, known as the city of the eternal spring due to it's fantastic climate. Most visitors to Colombia who make their way to Medellin agree that it's one of the prettiest modern cities in Latin America. Nearby Medellin, tours into Antioquia's countryside offer a spectacular backdrop to experience rural life in Colombia. Nearby tourist attractions include El Penol, a huge rock (aka Sugar Loaf in Rio) protuding from the lush green landscape and surrounded by a lake with beautiful islands. Santa Fe de Antioquia is small traditional Paisa town just outside of Medellin. A few hours overland travel from Medellin, Rio Claro is a beautiful place to relax and take nature tours. In addition, Colombia's beautiful coffee country is just a few hours away and is gateway to some fantastic scenery and trekking in Los Nevados Park.
Travel still further South to discover Cali's buzzing salsa scene, the colonial town of Popayan, and the mysterious archaeological sites of San Agustin and Tierradentro. Alternatively, catch a flight deep into the Amazon rainforest and stay in a jungle lodge hotel near Leticia.

Colombia's Pacific CoastThere's more stunning rainforest backed empty beaches and surfing in Choco department on Colombia's Pacific Coast, one of South America's wettest and most biodiverse places. Throughout the Pacific coast, whale watching tours can be taken between July and October, the old prison island of Gorgona Island being a unique place to see such whales. There's also lovely beaches and wildlife tours offered at the laid back beach vacation resorts of Nuqui and Bahia Solano.

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